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Rules and Regulation

    A student who joins the school must produce the Birth Certificate/ School Leaving Certificate. Students coming from schools outside the State of Gujarat must provide the L.C. countersigned by the D.E.O. of that District. Students leaving the School must give one month's notice in writing before the withdrawal or else fee for the next term will be charged.
    ENGLISH SPEAKING IS COMPULSORY IN THE SCHOOL. Students should attend the classes regularly, should be punctual and regular. Students are expected to arrive at the School, 10 minutes before the bell for the assembly in prescribed proper school uniform, and will not be allowed to enter the school premises, after the first bell. The gates will be closed. A short assembly is held daily at the beginning of the day and the students are not allowed to move around during assembly time. Students are not permitted to leave the school campus during the school hours without a written permission from the Principal / Co-ordinator. Proper conduct of the student towards other students, boys or girls, teachers and the school authorities and causing disturbance in the class repeatedly will entail suspension and in case of serious disobedience, School Leaving Certificate may be given to the parent to remove the student from this institution. Students should not litter the school premises. Students found loitering, shouting, whistling or running around or spoiling the School building will be taken to task or will be fined. Students should not involve themselves in buying, selling or gambling of any kind. Students should not bring the following items to the school: Expensive items like jewellery, watches etc. Electronic items like Mobile Phones, C.D. / Cassettes etc. Obscene books, magazines or photographs The students must take care of their own items. The school is not responsible for any kind of losses. A student who does not wear clean and proper uniform in school may not be allowed to sit in the class. It is the responsibility of the students to show the communication written in the Calendar to the parents and to get it signed. Prior permission of the Principal/School authority is needed for any organized activity by the students or the teachers of the school. Any kind of damage done to the School property must be reported to the Principal and must be replaced by the student/parents. Students found guilty of damaging the school property and disturbing the discipline of the school will be dismissed from the school. Irregular attendance, failure to attend the school in school uniform unexplained absence for more than a week, habitual idleness repeated failure in tests and examinations, disobedience, malpractice in tests and examinations are enough reasons to dismiss a student from the school. Students should not involve in any activity against the interest of the school. This shall be considered a serious breach of conduct and those found guilty of the same shall be severely dealt with. Strict order and discipline must be observed.
    Parents should make it a point to consult the Teachers/Principal in matters pertaining to the progress and discipline of the students. Parents can meet the teachers only on the Parent-Teacher Meeting. Parents who wish to meet the Principal shall be allowed only on Saturday between 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. In order to attain the high aims set by the school for the students, full co-operation of the parent/guardian is needed and they should see that their ward spends some time daily in reading and writing, which is important to develop good study habits. What is more important is that the parents/guardians should show their interest by supervising the student to maintain proper progress in class work, homework, studies etc." Parents should sign the progress card of their ward in the school, along with the report of the misconduct, if any, against the student and their rectification pointed out in the report. The parent's role in child's education is of utmost importance and they should remember that enrollment alone does not guarantee that the child will derive the maximum benefit from our School in case the parents, who refuse to sign or respond to the disciplinary report from the school, the school authorities reserve the right to issue the T.C. EXAMINATION AND PROMOTION Promotion from one class to the other is decided on the basis of performance in Scholastic & Co-Scholastic area. The projects, homework, class-work, journals neatness, general performance and discipline are included in different assessments. Students should not be absent during the examinations. No re-test will be conducted. In case of absence due to medical reason, proper medical certificate has to be produced, then a student may be promoted on his/her past academic performance but no position/grade will be given.
    No leave or absence will be granted without prior request from the parents/guardian. If the student is found absent, for a day or two, the parents should record it in the School Calendar and the same shall be sent to the school. If the leave or absence is more than 2 days due to illness, the Principal must be informed and the student in return, must bring a medical certificate along with a leave letter from the parent. Students are expected to attend the school regularly. Students having less than 80% of the attendance may not be allowed to appear in the examination and the Parents are requested to keep an eye on the attendance of their ward. No student will be allowed to leave the school during school hours unless the parent asks for it, in person or in writing. In case leave is required due to illness or any other reason, an application from the parent is required and without which the student will be marked absent. A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious/contagious disease, should produce a medical certificate of fitness, otherwise he/she may not be permitted to sit in the class.
    Fee is collected twice a year, First term fees on the day of the Annual Result and the Second term before 1st October. If the dues are not paid by the given date, the student will fall into the defaulters list for non-payment of school dues. Fees once paid will not be refunded. Students leaving the school in the middle of the term will have to pay the total sum of fees of that term.